Austalent – empowering

AusTalent is a project that is conceived, organised and led by young people from refugee background who are passionate about performance art.

AusTalent is a performance showcase in Western Sydney that provides an opportunity for  young people from refugee background to showcase their skills, talent and passion for arts such as singing, acting, fashion designing and comedy performing. This year MECA supported AusTalent to help enable its sustainability. The AusTalent organising committee are made up entirely of young people, the process draws together young people in order to support the development of leadership and management skills. It also links participants with peak industry bodies for the purpose of artistic development.

The second edition of Austalent 2018 took place on the 15th of November and attracted the support of over 130 young people participants, volunteers, organisers and audience members. With the goal of reducing cultural barriers and negative stereotypes of migrant and refugee communities by showcasing their personal narrative experiences and arts expression in local media and at the event, AusTalent raised awareness of the contribution of refugee young people to the arts scene in Australia.


Volunteers – empowering

Volunteers are the backbone of many organisations, contributing time, expertise and passion for a cause. Over the years we have seen an increasing number of females in volunteer roles, be they mothers returning to the workforce, new migrants to the country or women who are looking to become job ready. For these women, volunteering brings a sense of empowerment through building confidence, developing social connections, fostering entrepreneurship skills, and growing strong female leadership –  all to support stronger, happier and healthier communities.

I have been out of the workforce for 7 years now and looking for paid work. Volunteering at MECA was a great way to refresh my skills and to gain confidence. It’s helping me work on my basic computer skills. My experience includes administrative work, attending calls, managing the JP’s meetings with clients and one on one communication with the clients. Basically, the experience is making me job ready.

Sarah M, MECA Frontdesk

Volunteering at MECA has been a positive experience for me. It has given me a lot more confidence to work as part of a team. Also it’s given me the opportunity to meet so many nice people. All the staff, other volunteers and students were very welcoming. It feels great to be able to contribute towards the running of an organisation which I believe is doing important, positive work for the community. It’s very enjoyable; it feels like I’m part of a big family.

Wafa G, MECA Frontdesk

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